Monday, April 12, 2010

I always love this time of year. The sun is staying out longer, it's getting warmer and of course, it's hockey playoffs. Yes the Canucks are in the playoffs again this year and yes, they have just as many opportunities as any other team to go all the way to the finals. I feel somewhat optimistic this year. And why not? The team has consistent scoring with the first line of Henrik and Daniel Sedin as well as Alex Burrows rippin' it up. Then there's Kesler, Samuelson and Raymond. Not to mention Wellwood chipping in when needed. And how about the Canucks defense? Bieksa is returning to form after the lacerated calf muscle. Salo will be ready for the playoffs and Erhoff has been unbelievable this year. The one question mark is consistency. Without Willie Mitchell in the lineup, the defence will have to all play shut down from time to time. I'll have to wait until the series against the kings really starts to truly gauge how this team will play. But I have high hopes for them. Here's hoping they don't let me down.
I always feel that this time of year is for renewal as well. The trees and foliage is coming alive. So why not us humans? This time of year is great for restarting the old batteries and jump starting all those projects that have perhaps lay dormant over the winter. For me that means writing more and embarking on getting in shape both in body and mind. I hope that a few of you out there feel the same and might want to join me on my journey. It only takes a few minutes a day to feel a sense of renewal and growth. Here's what I want you to do. Before you head to bed tonight I want you to write down one thing you want to accomplish tomorrow. I can be something as simple as walk 1000 steps. Or as complicated as learn how to make a rack of lamb. Whatever it is, write it down. Then close your eyes. Think about that one task or one thing you want to accomplish. Visualize yourself doing that task. But most of all, visualize yourself finishing that task. Then when you wake up tomorrow I want you to look at that piece of paper. Take it with you and think about it throughout the day. But most importantly, finish that task! And when you've finish that task, write down another task for the next day. My task for today was writing this blog entry. Mission accomplished.